RNBD Preschool: Best Pre - Play School in Gurgaon

RNBD educational institution is one amongst the Montessori methodology establishments that offers AUTHENTIC montessori education in North-India. we have a tendency to square measure the most effective play college in Gurgaon sector 4. RNBD educational institution was based in 2016.

As a number one educational institution in Ashok Vihar, Gurgaon, our environments are designed to supply individualised learning and supply the required montessori materials to assist every student develop skills essential for these age teams. Being the simplest preschool in Gurgaon, every room offers the youngsters experiences within the sensible life, sensorial, language, science and cultural (geography, history, science, music and art) areas. The materials in these program aras are self-correcting. this permits every kid to realize bigger confidence and perfection through his selection and repetition. kids gain a way of independence as they take a full of life role within the educator atmosphere at RNBD preschool Ashok Vihar Gurgaon.

We at RNBD, a leading play school in Gurgaon sector 5, believe that each and every child is unique and follows his or her natural path of development. With the original Montessori Method, we endeavor to enrich the social, cognitive, emotional and physical aspects of the child’s growth. Through the thoughtfully prepared environment conceptualized solely for the children at our preschool near Ashok Vihar Gurgaon, the innate desire to explore and discover is cultivated thus helping them become confident and independent lifelong learners.

As a first-rated preschool in sector 4, Gurgaon, we are committed to excellence, providing a high quality environment that meets children’s development needs, while inspiring them to learn from and love the World around them. We feed the Mind, Hand and Heart; we open Little Eyes to a Universe that traverses beyond the classroom, nurturing the whole.

Our core values

Education & Lifelong Learning
We believe the montessori methodology is that the best academic model to realize our learning goals.
community new
Each person—student, teacher, leader, member, parent, and volunteer—who joins the pedagogue family.
We are honest and direct and that we build each effort to do the correct factor. Our community exists to serve kids, here, at the simplest educational institution in Gurgaon.
excellence new
We strive to realize high standards of performance in everything we tend to do to develop the most potential of each kid.
We worth the distinctiveness of every member of our community and acknowledge every one can have special wants at completely different times.

Our Programs

Day Care

Choosing the right care for your child is an important decision: Will the curriculum be a good fit? Will I feel safe leaving my child at this centre? Will the daycare accommodate my child’s specific dietary needs? These are common questions that parents ask themselves when selecting a daycare. At RNBD, the best play school near railway road, Gurgaon, we offer age-appropriate curriculum in a safe physical environment where children can learn and explore.

100% safety & Security
Hygienic Environment
Music & Singing

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